'Spinal Tap' Star Mocks Obama's Waffling on Syria

'Spinal Tap' Star Mocks Obama's Waffling on Syria

Comedians have meekly argued that there’s not much to mock about President Barack Obama.

They have a point.

What’s funny about a booming economy, crystal clear leadership, government transparency, an avalanche of new jobs and a Middle East finally shedding the shackles of hatred and conflict?

Oh, wait.

Enter funnyman Harry Shearer of This Is Spinal Tap fame. The comedian is certifiably left of center, but he’s also honest enough to mock the president when it’s required, and Obama’s fuzzy dice policy maneuvers on Syria certainly qualify. Here’s Shearer’s take on Obama punting the blame on possible military action against Syria and the so-called “red line” the Commander in Chief drew on the geopolitical map:

Shorter Obama: Congress gets to decide what color that line is.

That gag was the first of several social media quips Shearer sent out regarding Obama’s Syria statements.

Shorter Obama: I’m looking backward, not forward.

Be amazed if Obama delivered this speech before his legislative liaison people assured him he had the votes in Congress. #CantDoACameron