Box Office Predictions: 'Riddick' Returns to Form, 'Butler' Sets Dubious Record

Box Office Predictions: 'Riddick' Returns to Form, 'Butler' Sets Dubious Record

Last week saw a rarity in box office results. The weekend ended in a split decision as One Direction: This Is Us captured the 3-Day weekend crown, but The Butler won the full 4-day holiday weekend. Still, grosses over the Labor Day weekend are usually nothing to write home about. That was again the case this year, as the top earner barely even broke the $20 million mark.

Will we see any box office surprises this week?

Sensei’s weekend predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. “Riddick” ($19 million) – There are plenty of high forecasts out there for this long-delayed sequel to Pitch Black and The Chronicles Of Riddick. Problem is this sequel doesn’t seem that anticipated. Vin Diesel may have a better following thanks to the Fast and Furious films, but his action offerings outside of that franchise haven’t been strong at the box office. Sensei’s going with the modest call here.

2. “The Butler” ($8.2 million)  Turns out this film added more than 200+ theaters last week (now on over 3,330 screens), easily dwarfing the screen count One Direction: This Is Us had (2,750 screens). Quite the move. Unfortunately, this film also set a dubious record. In a box office rarity, Butler will lead three weekend frames, but not become its month’s highest grosser. The reason being it’s done modestly well, but is not the high grosser that similar films like The Help have become. It’s also been fortunate that it hasn’t faced any real competition. That changes this week with potential blockbusters opening.

3. “We’re The Millers” ($7.4 million)– This film, unlike Butler, will be August’s highest grosser (and will so do by a wide margin). Already over the $100 million mark, film will easily pass the $120 million domestic mark this weekend. It’s also all but caught The Butler in current grosses, look for a potential leap over that film next week. Buzz continues to improve on this one, which is now at a Superbad-like pace.

4. “Instructions Not Included” ($7 million) – Watch out. This Spanish language family comedy is taking advantage of the weak slate (outside of We’re The Millers anyway). Its already pulled a top five finish (despite being on only 338 screens), and looks to do well again this weekend.

5. “Planes” ($4.8 million) – This animated fare will just hold on to a top five spot. Film will also make a run at the $80 million domestic mark.

That’s Sensei’s calls. Enjoy the weekend.