Sheryl Crow Says Attacking Syria Like Throwing Rock in a Beehive

Sheryl Crow Says Attacking Syria Like Throwing Rock in a Beehive

Singer Sheryl Crow typically wears her anti-war views on her sleeve–literally.

These days, she’s far more demure about the possibility of her country going to war with Syria. She finally broached the subject during a Q&A at HuffPost Live when asked directly about her thoughts on President Barack Obama’s war drumming.

Keep in mind this morning’s chat came after Obama addressed the nation on why a strike against Syria may be necessary. Color Crow unconvinced, as she compares the possible military strikes to “throwing a rock in a beehive.”

“To go in and bomb is perhaps not the way to preach about freedom,” she says.

Crow praises Obama’s deliberate approach to the war talk, ignoring the fact that the president has failed to rally both the international community and the American people toward a potential strike. She spins Obama’s amateurish actions as being thoughtful, particularly how he sought out Congress before making any moves.

The singer forgets Obama’s talk of bypassing Congress as well as his “hocus pocus” comments regarding the UN’s involvement in such a strike.

Note that Crow donned a pretty, multi-colored blouse for the streaming interview, not a shirt emblazoned with any anti-war slogans.