'Authentic' Meghan McCain Joins Pivot, Bemoans Backlash

'Authentic' Meghan McCain Joins Pivot, Bemoans Backlash

It wasn’t bad enough that Meghan McCain’s opinions have been on display via MSNBC and in the Daily Beast. Now, the intellectual giantess, daughter of Sen. John McCain, has been given the chance to host her own TV show, Raising McCain, on the new Pivot cable channel. 

Why, you may ask?

Pivot President Evan Shapiro said it wasn’t McCain’s political philosophy (Meghan, that’s when people quote Locke and Plato and de Tocqueville and their ilk … oh, forget it) and added, “We chose her because her voice is authentic and original, and we think she does embody the complexities of this generation.”

McCain, being authentic and original, said, “Unfortunately, the only thing we’re seeing with young people is ’16 and Pregnant’ and reality shows.” She moaned about how difficult it is to be a woman in 2013, saying, “I was so naive in the beginning when I worked on my dad’s campaign and I thought everyone would love me. Little did I know that if you’re a woman in America and you state your opinion, that you will be probably eviscerated in one way or another, and I think just to be a woman in the media is to be controversial.”

As for embodying the complexities of her generation, she then lamented, “I was such a child of MTV News and MTV . . . I saw (MTV News reporter) Tabitha Soren interviewing my dad and so many other interesting politicians, and MTV did debates … MTV, they didn’t even have a presence in the last election cycle and that breaks my heart.”

The show is reputedly going to tackle the deep issues of feminism and dating, as well as online privacy.