'Jobs' Actor, Self-Described Political Neophyte Given USA Today Spot to Slam Ted Cruz

'Jobs' Actor, Self-Described Political Neophyte Given USA Today Spot to Slam Ted Cruz

Quick, when was the last time USA Today let an actor use its editorial space for a political rant?

It doesn’t happen often, yet the news outlet gave relative unknown Josh Gad (formerly of the failed 1600 Penn and box office duds like The Internship and Jobs) plenty of space to mock Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for his filibuster-like speech earlier this week against Obamacare.

Why Gad? Good question, one even the actor can’t answer.

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I am not an expert on politics or medical care, nor am I fully educated in the intricacies of political chess and the art of Washington talkathons (although I do love me some Mr. Smith Goes to Washington). 

So what argument does he bring to shame Cruz? Well, he falls back on a cutesy 6th grade narrative highlighted by his juvenile explanation.

Guy campaigns. Guy wins. Guy says I want universal health care. Constitution says Guy can get universal health care if Guy gets enough votes. Guy gets the votes. Universal health care passes. Guy’s enemies take out ads saying Guy’s health care plan kills old people. Old people somehow still alive. Guy wins another election. Guy’s enemies try 20 times to overturn Guy’s health care plan. Guy’s enemies can’t.

Here’s mine, Josh:

Guy forces unpopular legislation down country’s throat. Guy lies through teeth about what it does, its costs, etc. Media lies through omission about its impact. People reject it. One guy decides to speak up for said people and media blast him–even in the Life section of a national publication.

Readers will be forced to pay $2 for such USA Today columns in print starting Monday.