Shout Out to a Patriot: Bruce Willis

Shout Out to a Patriot: Bruce Willis

It’s good to recognize patriots from time to time and consider the possibility that the whole world has not gone mad. Today let’s recognize some recent actions by none other than the erstwhile John McClane that seemed to fly under the radar.

In August, Bruce Willis of Die Hard fame took notice when firefighters began bravely fighting to put out wildfires and were working around the clock. He has multiple homes in Sun Valley, Idaho so he decided to cater the first responders for lunch and dinner at Beaver Creek, Idaho. He fed about 450 firefighters for multiple days. He also started a food program that provided snacks to the firefighters as they relocated to other fires. Willis had the following to say in a statement:

Like all of my fellow Idaho residents, I want to extend my most sincereand grateful thanks to the firefighters and first-responders whichinclude the helicopter and airplane pilots who have been flying for dayin and day out, who risked life and limb to battle the horrificBeaver Creek Fire in Idaho. You are the men and women who put your lives at risk to protect ours ona daily basis, but it is at moments like these that your heroism comesto the forefront of our nation’s consciousness. On behalf of me and myfamily, please know that there will never be enough words to express ourdeepest appreciation for your ever-present dedication and bravery.

As a thank you, the firefighters reportedly built a unique fountain of pipes and nozzles for the veteran TV and film star. Willis also auctioned off a few of his personal motorcycles to benefit a military charity in February.