Jay Mohr to Modern Rock Stars: Don't Preach, Just Sing

Jay Mohr to Modern Rock Stars: Don't Preach, Just Sing

Comedian Jay Mohr stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week to crack up both the host and the crowd. In the midst of his joking, Mohr shared a sentiment many Americans feel today.

“No more rock concerts because somewhere along the line they decided they’re supposed to talk to us, too, and that’s not why we go,” Mohr said.

The host of Mohr Sports as well as his own podcast then laid out his ground rules for preachy musicians and his concert going habits. I’m sure many Americans can agree with these rules. 

“Don’t tell me who to vote for, don’t tell me what charity I should feel involved in, don’t tell me what town I’m in … actually I take that one back. We all like that one.”

Mohr earned his laughs like usual, but he brings up a common sentiment felt by a lot of Americans. Rockers like Bono and Eddie Vedder and many others have used their talents in the past to turn their concert stages into soap boxes for their latest issues or candidates. It can most often times split an audience and, occasionally, be a slap in the face to their own work.