Hollywood to Give Obamacare Starring Role in TV Shows

Hollywood to Give Obamacare Starring Role in TV Shows

Hollywood’s desperate attempt to bolster President Barack Obama has taken on new dimensions; now Obamacare will be featured or supported in upcoming Hollywood products.

The USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center’s Hollywood Health & Society program has been given $500,000 to spend on educating Tinseltown’s creative elite about the details of Obamacare. The organization has worked on story lines for dozens of prominent shows in recent years.

Hollywood’s Health and Society’s Martin Kaplan said, “Our experience has shown that the public gets just as much, if not more, information about current events and important issues from their favorite television shows and characters as they do from the news media and online resources. This grant will allow us to ensure that industry practitioners have up-to-date, relevant facts on health care reform to integrate into their storylines and projects.”

The organization’s board includes Hostages’ co-executive producer Jennifer Cecil, Under the Dome‘s executive producer Neal Baer, Breaking Bad‘s creator Vince Gilligan, and Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins executive producer Chris Nee. 

In the last month, there has been a pro-Obamacare parody video starring Jennifer Hudson, and pro-Obamacare spots featuring Olivia Wilde, Taye Diggs, Lady Gaga, Kate Bosworth and Sarah Silverman.

A July 22 meeting at the White House was devoted to using Hollywood to promote Obamacare; the meeting included Amy Poehler, Michael Cera, and Hudson.