Actor Dan Aykroyd Walks Off Aussie Radio Show

Actor Dan Aykroyd Walks Off Aussie Radio Show

Famed Saturday Night Live and Blues Brothers star Dan Aykroyd has been in Australia of late promoting his line of vodka, but one radio show down under didn’t meet the Blues man’s needs.

It wasn’t long before he stormed out of the studio calling the host a “F*cking Hosebag” as he exited. What brought the actor’s ire? He was about to be denied the opportunity to hawk his booze.

Aykroyd was in Artarmon, Australia on a trip to push his Crystal Head vodka. The actor visited SBS radio–a network touted as “Australia’s multicultural and multilingual broadcaster”–to appear as a guest on The Observer Effect radio show hosted by Ellen Fanning.

But as the interview progressed Aykroyd realized that the host had no intention of allowing him to hawk his alcohol. As this was the only reason he was in Australia, that didn’t sit well with him.

Aykroyd soon stormed out of the studios and as he left, witnesses heard him snarling that host Fanning was a “f*cking hosebag.”

The famed Ghostbuster later admitted that he did indeed storm out because he was not allowed to talk about his vodka brand. Afterward, the SBS network contacted the show’s producers demanding that they apologize to Aykroyd. But executive producer Paul Steindl and host Fanning refused.

According to an SBS representative, the producers of The Observer Effect said the actor turned distiller, “was welcome to mention his vodka, but advertorials are not part of the show’s format.”

Producers edited out Aykroyd’s blow up from the final, aired interview.