Stephen Baldwin Says Being a Christian Hurt His Career

Stephen Baldwin Says Being a Christian Hurt His Career

Audiences haven’t seen much of actor Stephen Baldwin over the past decade. The brother of combustible MSNBC host Alec Baldwin thinks he knows why.

Baldwin makes no secret of his Christian faith, and he says being a believer has made getting gigs in the entertainment industry hard.

I ran into an old friend of mine — very high-profile casting director — a couple years ago who said to me, ‘Look, I just want to say I’m sorry because I’ve brought your name up in the room a couple times and they were like ‘ you’ve got to be kidding,'” Baldwin told Fox News’ Lauren Green on Spirited Debate.

“I just think that probably when somebody calls themselves born again and kind of goes out there in a pretty radically zealous way, professes their glee about that, it can creep people out,” said Baldwin. “I have no regret about that, but I have chilled out a lot more because I’m a little more seasoned as a Christian believer.

Baldwin’s latest project is the unabashedly pro-faith film I’m in Love with a Church Girl. The film is part of a new spiritually aware wave of films, and the actor says his faith is starting to work in his favor now because of it.

The blessing for me in disguise is now after ten years with all this new content that will be in demand, I happen to be getting lots of phone calls now. It’s very interesting how that all might work out.