'Duck Dynasty' Star Calls for 'Sin,' not Gun, Control

'Duck Dynasty' Star Calls for 'Sin,' not Gun, Control

Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame continues to buck conventional wisdom, at least the kind emanating from Hollywood.

The gray-bearded star tells Men’s Journal that all the talk about gun control these days is aimed in the wrong direction. Brother Phil Robertson helped him clarify his thoughts.

It ain’t gun control we need; it’s sin control,” [Si Robertson] says.

“Self-control,” Phil says.

“Self-control,” Si repeats.

“Self-control and sin control,” Phil says, getting the last word.

Si Robertson doesn’t mind sharing his views with the press. But he hopes fans put their lives into perspective. He is particularly concerned about the fans who line up at his home, sometimes in the middle of the night, just to catch a glimpse of their reality show favorites.

Look, I worry that people put us on a pedestal now. We’re human beings. We make mistakes just like everybody else.