Esquire: Country Music Stars Criticizing Obamacare Are 'Prefabricated Hicks'

Esquire: Country Music Stars Criticizing Obamacare Are 'Prefabricated Hicks'

Hours after country music stars Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood highlighted the disaster of the ObamaCare launch via a little ditty called ObamaCare by Morning, Esquire magazine’s The Politics Blog referred to country stars as “prefabricated hicks.”

Paisley and Underwood hosted the Nov. 6 CMA awards and performed the song–a parody of George Strait’s Amarillo by Morning–as part of their opening monologue. 

But according to Esquire, country music’s opposition to ObamaCare is actually bad for the people who listen to country music because it keeps them from seeing “the help … Southern states” would receive from the faltering healthcare reform law. This help would come in the form “Medicaid” expansion throughout the South, if the hicks knew what was good for them. 

The blog entry was written by Esquire’s Charles P. Pierce, who fails to understand that as Medicaid expands, so too taxes must increase to cover the amount of funding the federal government allocates for services. 

Pierce then opined that “modern country music sucks bowls of monkey d**k”  and said Paisley and Underwood have no business talking about Obamcare because “they will never have to make the decision between medicine for the kids and food on the table.”

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