'Thor' Star's Dress Demands Black Bar in Photos to Cover Private Area

'Thor' Star's Dress Demands Black Bar in Photos to Cover Private Area

Actress Jaimie Alexander showed up at the Thor: The Dark World premiere earlier this week in a sheer dress without underwear or a bra causing media to black bar her privates or film her from the waist up.

The dress was more revealing than the one Gwyneth Paltrow donned for the Iron Man 3 premiere in May. That gown featured sheer sides that left little to the imagination. 

Alexander’s dress is so revealing The New York Daily News put a black bar over her privates when she was walking. The dress leaves one leg bare and her private area exposed when her legs are not together. The back of the dress is sheer except for the zipper down her spine. Splash News could only film her from the waist up. Paltrow’s dress only had sheer sides, which did not cause any malfunctions or the FCC to break out in a sweat. When the Oscar winner walked, publishers did not have to censor her privates.

In October, Parks and Recreation star Rashida Jones expressed her disgust at the way young ladies are dressing. In fact, this tweet from her describes Alexander’s dress perfectly.  

Paltrow regretted wearing the dress and was embarrassed from the backlash.

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