Russell Brand Denies He's a Hypocrite, Slams U.S. Troops, Capitalism

Russell Brand Denies He's a Hypocrite, Slams U.S. Troops, Capitalism

Russell Brand might pull a muscle putting his clown nose on and off.

The former junkie and quasi-movie star is back pushing socialism 101 on his fans, but this time via the pages of the UK Guardian.

His new op-ed is a continuation of the “revolution” chatter he began on a British talk show last week. For some reason the Q&A went viral, and now Brand wants to expound on those themes. Only he admits he might simply be a “cheeky monkey” who no one should take seriously.

It’s all part of a rambling socialist screed which blames the West and capitalism for much of the world’s problems but can’t find a negative word to say about radical Islam or the socialist tyrants who traffic in oppression and cruelty.

Along the way he makes excuses for those who riot, slams U.S. strikes while ignoring the terrorist armies which inspire those attacks and calls his beloved “Nan” a racist.

He also tackles the accusation he’s a hypocrite but does nothing to actually address the crux of the critique.

Some people say I’m a hypocrite because I’ve got money now. When I was poor and I complained about inequality people said I was bitter, now I’m rich and I complain about inequality they say I’m a hypocrite….

You’re not a hypocrite for being rich. You’re a hypocrite for living the high life rather than spread your wealth around to the less fortunate.

He promises he doesn’t hate the rich. Heck, Che Guevara was rich, and it’s implied that Brand doesn’t hate him. Left unsaid is how Guevara killed and killed again, an inconvenient truth progressives like Brand can’t seem to recall.

Brand channels his best Michael Moore impersonation with his attack on western troops:

That sends brave men and women to foreign lands to fight their capitalist wars, that intimidates and unsettles people whose faith and culture superficially distinguishes them, that tells the comfortable “hush now” you have your trinkets. It seemed ridiculous that refracted through the power prism that blinds us; the soldiers could be invading the homeland of these women’s forefathers in order to augment my luxurious stupour.

And on it goes for many a paragraph.

Expect more of the same from Brand, including pleas not to take him too seriously. That’s how the serious clown game goes.