'Bonnie & Clyde: Justified' DVD Review: Cash Grab Cribs from 1967 Classic, Offers Nothing New

'Bonnie & Clyde: Justified' DVD Review: Cash Grab Cribs from 1967 Classic, Offers Nothing New

Do we really need a new film about Bonnie and Clyde? That’s the question nearly everyone will think of when they hear about Bonnie & Clyde: Justified, available now on home video. It’s a fair question, and one that this film cannot seem to find an answer for.

Like nearly every other tale told about the famous, murderous and stealing Bonnie and Clyde, this flick chooses to focus on the strong romantic bond shared between the two lost souls (Ashley Hayes and Jim Poole). It’s a similar focus that the famous Warren Beatty/Faye Dunaway starring classic took as well. Unfortunately the actors here are too innocent and fresh to do these characters any justice at all.

I suppose a new movie about Bonnie and Clyde could be justified if the right voice was brought on as director and the screenplay chose to show the two in a more realistic and less flattering light. This movie doesn’t choose to do that or even come close. This new film just wants to take the path nearly every other storyteller has taken. There’s zero originality here. You can feel the thing lifting from the original when it can’t decide where the hell it wants to go.

That voice needed is missing as well. Director David DeCoteau presents this whole shebang with a rather deaf ear. It’s like he purposely directed this film with the intention of it slipping onto home video and never being noticed.

The DVD copy of Bonnie & Clyde: Justified includes a digital version of the movie and a still slideshow.

If you’re really interested in the infamous story of the lovebirds named Bonnie and Clyde then rent the 1967 original or read a new take on the two. But, whatever you do, don’t waste your time with this worthless, cash-in adaptation.