Angela Lansbury: Mistake to Recycle 'Murder, She Wrote'

Angela Lansbury: Mistake to Recycle 'Murder, She Wrote'

AP Entertainment Writer
Angela Lansbury says “it’s a mistake” for NBC to call a new series “Murder, She Wrote.”

The network recently announced plans to reboot the show with Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer as its star. Spencer acknowledged her new TV project on Twitter last month.

Lansbury, who will accept an honorary Academy Award later this week, said “Murder, She Wrote” was her “greatest doorway to the world.”

Lansbury had three Oscar nominations and four Tony Awards when she joined the CBS drama, which aired from 1984 to 1996, earning her 12 consecutive Emmy nominations and international acclaim.

She’s sensitive about the show’s reinvention.

Lansbury said she admires Spencer’s work.

Representatives for Spencer didn’t respond to an email from the AP seeking comment.


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