Ashton Kutcher: Entitlement Culture 'Unhealthy for People … Country'

Ashton Kutcher: Entitlement Culture 'Unhealthy for People … Country'

Ashton Kutcher scored headlines earlier this year by using an appearance at the Teen Choice Awards to promote hard work and blast superficial values.

He did it again last week, speaking out against the looming entitlement culture that could drag down the same millennials who follow the actor’s every Tweet.

Kutcher’s latest comments, which echoed fellow actor Rob Lowe’s recent thoughts on individual responsibility, came during a sit down on the daytime talk show Ellen.

…There’s an entitlement that’s starting to emerge that I think is unhealthy for people and unhealthy for a country.

I talked to some of my friends and they don’t want to get a job at Starbucks … because they feel like it’s below them. Well, I think the only thing that can be below you is to not have a job.

Go work until you can go get the job that you want to have. I’m really lucky I get to work with a lot of entrepreneurs that are building some of the coolest new stuff in the world. And you know these guys and girls work really hard and put in the hours and they are generous and care about other people and it’s what led to their success.