Harvey Weinstein on Chris Christie: 'I Love Him'

Harvey Weinstein on Chris Christie: 'I Love Him'

Hollywood producer and Clinton loyalist Harvey Weinstein declared his love for Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight.

Morgan asked Weinstein during the show’s Friday installment “if he could enjoy the work of someone like Chris Christie.”

“I love him,” Weinstein said, echoing the sentiments of the mainstream media and Hollywood executives who want Hillary Clinton to battle Chris Christie for the presidency in 2016. “I think the guy’s fantastic.” 

Weinstein then said “as good as Governor Christie is,” he could become an “excellent Secretary of State under President [Hillary] Clinton.”

Christie is likely to run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. Should Christie win, his opponent in the general election could be Clinton, for whom Weinstein said he would do “whatever he could.”