'What the Frack?' Celebs Beg Obama to Ban Fracking

'What the Frack?' Celebs Beg Obama to Ban Fracking

Study after study has shown the process of fracking isn’t anywhere near as ominous as celebrities like Mark Ruffalo and Yoko Ono declare.

It’s not stopping stars from pleading their case via video, this time in a clip that spends precious time shouting variations of “What the frack?” at us.

The new video, featuring Bradley Whitford, Amy Smart, Hayden Panettiere, Julie Bowen, Malin Ackerman, Lance Bass and Wendie Malick, begs President Barack Obama to ban fracking.

“Fracking makes climate change worse,” warns Bass, part of a cacophony of sound bites meant to turn the public against the practice.

FrackNation already debunked many of the claims celebrities use to stop the process, but the Hollywood army marching against fracking refuses to surrender. 

Even YouTube visitors who embrace the overall message weren’t pleased with the video. One person said, I’m a huge anti-fracking advocate…and this was horrible. It’s a slap at the hard work so many have done. This was like asking someone if they could go out for ice cream. Not a good job at all. Especially the end ..”Go on ! Ban it !” ….. “Please! “”