Partial Surrender: Time Warner Offers $30 Cable Package

Partial Surrender: Time Warner Offers $30 Cable Package

Recent statistics show that the streaming revolution is taking its toll on the con job that is bundled cable faster than anyone imagined. In Obama’s economy, people just can’t afford to continue to pay around a $100 a month for 70 channels they do not like or watch. Streaming via Netflix and other providers is proving a real value by comparison, and now Time Warner has been forced to partially surrender to this reality.

For just $30 a month, Time Warner is will now offer cable customers HBO, your local channels, C-Span, and a number of shopping channels.  

Last month, Comcast cable made a similar move.

The truth is that these providers are being forced into doing this because the soft-monopoly they have enjoyed for decades is crumbling. New technology coupled with Barack Obama’s inability to move the economy out of first gear have both hit at the perfect time.

The real potential losers here, though, are the twelve or so Big Media companies that own a majority of all cable networks and have gotten filthy rich off of millions of Americans being forced into all-or-nothing cable packages.


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