Lady Gaga Goes Fully Nude in Latest Shock Stunt

Lady Gaga Goes Fully Nude in Latest Shock Stunt

Maybe it’s time for Lady Gaga to write a children’s book.

After all, Madonna knew well enough to defy cultural expectations with a project that didn’t rely on shock tactics.

Lady Gaga did try for some image restoration last week via her Thanksgiving special with the Muppets, but the television event turned into a ratings turkey.

So the star is back in her comfort zone, witness her latest cover shoot. The singer adorns the front of Candy Magazine wearing a mustache and little below the waist.

Never one to shy away from a good shock, the cover pic shows Gaga posing with a fake moustache, a coat covering her right breast and a scorpion on her left.

But it’s the singer’s private area that has everyone talking, with her pubic hair in full view.

Lady Gaga’s latest album, the heavily hyped ARTPOP, proved to be one of 2013’s biggest disappointments in terms of sales.