Box Office Predictions: 'Hobbit' Huge, Faith-Based 'Madea' Strong

Box Office Predictions: 'Hobbit' Huge, Faith-Based 'Madea' Strong

Last week Sensei was dead on about Frozen taking the top spot over The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in a close match-up. This week, another blockbuster awaits.

Sensei’s weekend predictions and revenue results are as follows:

1. “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” ($74 million) – Film will open lower than the first installment An Unexpected Journey ($84.6 million), but when your first installment has already made over one billion worldwide, it’s hard to cry over small potatoes. How successful will this installment be, well, they wouldn’t be being sued by the Weinsteins if they were just making peanuts.

2. “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas” ($27 million)– Tyler Perry again returns to his very reliable Madea brand, and this one will be no exception on cashing in. Predicting Madea openings, however, is a whole different story (they tend to be all over the map). Aside from just throwing darts at a board of numbers, Sensei looks for this installment to be Perry’s second best opening, behind only Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes To Jail ($41 million). Still, Sensei’s awfully fond of those darts.

3. “Frozen” ($21 million)  Audience buzz on this remains positive and very high. Walt Disney’s latest has its radar set on passing Tangled’s $200 million domestic haul. That goal is very reachable. Not so long ago, many in Hollywood were predicting the end to Disney’s animated brand of spectacle and old-fashioned values (claiming they couldn’t pull high box office numbers anymore). How funny do those predictions look now?

4. “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” ($17 million) – Film will easily sail over the $350 million domestic mark. Its box office pace is also quite impressive. At the 20 day mark, its gross remains around $30 million ahead of the original Hunger Games. Iron Man 3’s reign as the year’s top grossing film is definitely in jeopardy, and even he would hesitate against those vicious monkeys in Catching Fire.

5. “Thor: The Dark World” ($2.7 million) – Numbers are more than strong enough to justify a Thor 3, look for this franchise to continue, even amidst the next Avengers film. Seriously, who wouldn’t want the God of Thunder back at your local theater, or on your next football fantasy team?

Those are Sensei’s calls. Have a great weekend.