Trailer Talk: 'Justin Bieber's Believe' Casts Pop Star as Victim

Trailer Talk: 'Justin Bieber's Believe' Casts Pop Star as Victim

Justin Bieber generates copious headlines these days, most of which cast the singer in an unflattering light. Perhaps the ugliest came last week when he dismissed a curvaceous female fan as a “beached whale” right to her face.

So along comes Justin Bieber’s Believe, a concert documentary with a trailer that tells us we’ve got the young pop star all wrong.

The film, set to open Dec. 25, is the second documentary featuring the former YouTube sensation. The first, Never Say Never, offered a homogenized look at Bieber’s remarkable rise to fame. The new documentary arrives with a heavier P.R. burden–the crush of news that seems to follow Bieber wherever he goes. The film says it’s not his fault. Blame the paparazzi.

“Are you aware you could be the next train wreck?” a curt reporter asks a wounded Bieber who later complains of being “verbally assaulted” by an aggressive press group.

“They wanted to get a reaction out of me so they could make me seem out of control,” says Bieber, on record for repeated speeding violations.

Bieber, who is shirtless multiple times in the trailer, appears in between big, bold type instructing audiences to “Forget the Hype” and “Forget the Headlines.”

Bieber himself is shown mingling with his adoring “Beliebers,” who we’re told are the key to his stardom.

“My favorite part is the intimate moments with the fans … it all started with the fans so it all ends with the fans.”