'Anchorman' Sequel Preaches Accountability While Ferrell Shills for ObamaCare Lies

'Anchorman' Sequel Preaches Accountability While Ferrell Shills for ObamaCare Lies

The new Anchorman sequel isn’t just another chance for Will Ferrell to don a bushy mustache, reteam with director Adam McKay and revisit the first film’s anachronistic howlers.

Oh, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues allows all of the above.

The film, opening nationwide tomorrow, also bemoans the erosion of broadcast journalism over the past 30 years. The real Ron Burgundys of the world, we’re told, should hold the powerful accountable through their reportage.

It’s a sober message but one that rings hollow coming from a comic and director who refuse to hold the powerful accountable through their work.

Ferrell and McKay are the driving forces behind Funny or Die, a comedy web site which allowed itself to be part of the ObamaCare promotional push. That push featured one of the baldest lies ever told to the American public by a president–“If you like your health insurance you can keep it. Period.” Other ObamaCare lies include:

  • If you like your doctor you can keep seeing him or her
  • Costs will go down as a result of the new health care reform
  • The GOP hasn’t offered any competing health care reforms or ways to improve ObamaCare
  • The average family of four will save $2,500 a year

Humorists with a loyal following and and a character adored by the public might see fit to mock some, or all, of the above. Not Ferrell and McKay. They are using Funny or Die to tell us the ObamaCare web site is great and how much the legislation will help Americans.

Ferrell and McKay, as comedians not tied exclusively to political humor, could have ignored potential ObamaCare jokes or looked the other way when the president lied to the American public.

Instead, the duo used their clout to spin on the administration’s behalf. Ron Burgundy wouldn’t call that classy. Not at all.