'Wire' Star Chris Ashworth on 'Duck Dynasty' Suspension: 'God Help Us'

'Wire' Star Chris Ashworth on 'Duck Dynasty' Suspension: 'God Help Us'

Chris Ashworth, best known for his acclaimed turn on HBO’s The Wire, cannot believe how A&E reacted to Phil Robertson’s reciting of basic Bible principles.

Ashworth, a man of faith, let loose with a series of tweets capturing his outrage that the Duck Dynasty star got suspended for simply repeating Christian beliefs. 

So if someone is offended by repeating/believing what the Bible says, he’s wrong? There are many sins. Love everyone but honor God’s Word.

How can the so-called “tolerant” be so intolerant? Not everyone believes the same. Get over it. Can a person not share his/her beliefs?

I love #DuckDynasty. A show without bad language and sex scenes? They honor the Bible and God too? Oh the nerve in today’s society. Bad bad.

God help us. Suddenly, in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a Christian cannot share his Biblically backed beliefs because it hurts feelings.