Walmart Selling Out of Duck Dynasty Merchandise

Walmart Selling Out of Duck Dynasty Merchandise

Merchandise for reality TV show Duck Dynasty is reportedly flying off Walmart shelves all across the country after cable network A&E suspended cast member Phil Robertson for controversial statements on homosexuality in a GQ interview. 

For its part, Walmart has not made any decisions on whether or not to pull Duck Dynasty merchandise and is waiting to see what will happen next. In contrast, Walmart quickly pulled celebrity chef Paula Deen’s merchandise from its stores in June of this year when charges that she made racist comments hit the news.

While Walmart considers its next move, people nationwide are rushing to support the Robertson family. The flurry of sales brings to mind 2012’s “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day,” a response to progressive outrage against company President Dan Cathy’s support of traditional marriage. Consumers across the country flocked to the Christian-owned fast food restaurant.

Forbes magazine reports that Duck Dynasty merchandise will bring in $400 million for 2013.