Is Justin Bieber Retiring? His Tweet Says He Is…

Is Justin Bieber Retiring? His Tweet Says He Is…

Teen pop megastar Justin Bieber has set Twitter ablaze with a message suggesting he may be stepping away from the stage — just as his new movie hits theaters on Christmas Day.

The message has been retweeted more than 240,000 times and comments from fans flooded the globally popular messaging site.

But a subsequent tweet from the Canadian teen idol left some doubt about his future plans.

Then, Bieber tweeted a trailer for his latest movie, “Justin Bieber’s Believe,” which opens in US theaters on Wednesday, and “Merry Christmas everyone. Be kind to one another.”

He told a Los Angeles radio station last week that he was “quitting music, quitting everything,” saying: “I’m going to go (play) golf.”

The singer has recently run into trouble during his “Believe” tour in both Brazil and Australia, where he was accused of spraying graffiti on hotel walls.

He caused outrage in Argentina by stepping on an Argentine flag thrown onto the stage during a concert. And he was photographed in Rio de Janeiro leaving a notorious brothel.