Box Office Predictions: 'Lego' Looks for Threepeat, 'Pompeii' Strong Second

Box Office Predictions: 'Lego' Looks for Threepeat, 'Pompeii' Strong Second

To recap, Sensei was right about RoboCop‘s unimpressive opening and again watched The Lego Movieeasily top the weekend. Predictions were also right on About Last Night placing a solid second place. Any breakout hits this weekend? Can anyone challenge Lego?

Sensei’s weekend predictions and revenue results are as follows:

1. The Lego Movie ($35 million) – The hardest feat in entertainment–topping three consecutive weekends in a row. This kid’s epic has the edge to do it. Maybe they can make a film based off Connect Four next?

2. Pompeii ($24 million)– Sensei feels very positive about this disaster epic, marketing has been strong and word of mouth is respectable. The real question is how many Game Of Thrones fans will turn out for lead star Kit Harrington. If fans do turn out, Mr. Harrington will become our first breakout star of 2014 (which is never a bad thing, new talent is desperately needed at the box office right now).

3. Three Days To Kill ($12 million)– Kevin Costner headlines and producers are hoping for the next Taken in box office sales. That won’t happen, but will post a respectable opening for an action film. This film also has the potential for strong international sales.

4. About Last Night ($11 million) – Solid start for this remake last weekend, and will grab some more date audiences (you know, the guys who messed up last week and will attempt a better Valentine’s Day-like evening this time). Ha ha, here’s to second chances.

5. RoboCop ($10 million)– It’s the battle of big budget box office disappointments as this film and Monuments Men duke it out at the bottom of the frame. Never a good sign when both films have to say “Well, we’ll do better internationally” in just their first week of release. International sales can save a film’s bottom line, but with heavy marketing and theater costs, the film would have to perform at least “3 times” better to do so. Not an easy feat with a high production budget and a disappointing domestic run. Just ask last year’s The Lone Ranger.

Those are Sensei’s calls. Have a great weekend.