President Recruits 'Hollywood Moms' to Shill for ObamaCare

President Recruits 'Hollywood Moms' to Shill for ObamaCare

President Barack Obama is running out of celebrities to tout his troubled health care overhaul. So he’s calling in the mothers of famous folk to shill for ObamaCare.

The new video, #YourMomCares, recruits the mothers of Jonah Hill, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Lopez to beg young Americans to sign up. 

The moms in question start by telling cute stories of their sons and daughters. Then, they move on to the hard sell, pitching on behalf of a health care overhaul that keeps delaying key mandates for politically expedient purposes.

The moms repeat the “invincible” adjective trotted out by administration officials at every turn, hoping the word will convince skeptical 20-somethings to sing up for ObamaCare.

“Do you want your mothers to have a nervous breakdown?” asks Hill’s mother.

First Lady Michelle Obama wraps things up by saying, “we nag you because we love you.”