David Letterman: Private Handgun Ownership Has To Be Dealt With

David Letterman: Private Handgun Ownership Has To Be Dealt With

During the June 4 airing of CBS’s Late Night, host David Letterman said private handgun ownership has to be dealt with, and he asked if everyone has to “have a family member who has been gunned down” before gun control is passed? 

Letterman expressed his dismay that the crime of one man–Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook Elementary–did not change the laws for everyone. And he claimed that “a child or an underage boy or girl is shot and killed by a gun…daily.”

But as Breitbart News reported on January 31, more children are killed by fire and drowning that by firearms (so says the Centers for Disease Control). And Breitbart News has also reported on how the gun deaths of teens–considered “underage” if under the age of 18–can often be traced to gang activity. 

Letterman did not mention fire, drowning or gangs. 

However, he did mention Elliot Rodger, the “guy [who] was unbalanced and killed people then killed himself.” But he did not talk about the fact that Rodger killed half of his victims with a knife, rather than a gun. Nor did he mention Rodger’s attempts to kill four others by running them down with his car.

Letterman then spoke of how much he enjoyed skeet shooting, and he talked about how much he likes to look at old western six-shooters. He said this proves he is “not anti-gun.” 

He quickly added: “But when are we going to do something about his nonsense?” i.e., When are we going to pass more gun control?

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