Danny Glover to Lead Rally for Hollywood Tax Breaks

Danny Glover to Lead Rally for Hollywood Tax Breaks

Danny Glover’s liberal bona fides are beyond reproach. Just consider his unbridled affection for the late Hugo Chavez as Exhibit A.

Now, the far-left actor is preparing to march on behalf of tax cuts for the wealthy.

The Lethal Weapon star will lead a rally Saturday to support more film/TV tax credits in California.

The campaign is aimed at pressuring state legislators to sweeten the current program, which is capped at $100 million a year and 20% of production costs — smaller than rival incentive programs in Georgia, Louisiana and New York.

“Nearly 40 other states and 30 other nations offered nearly $1.5 billion in tax incentives last year to lure jobs and wages out of California, and the percentage of films made in California has gone from 66% to 40% in just a few years,” a flyer for the event said….

Assembly Bill 1839, aimed at overhauling the current incentive program and attracting bigger movies and TV series, is being promoted as essential to keeping productions from being lured out of state.The legislation cleared the State Assembly by a 76-0 vote on May 28.