Dennis Miller Provides '180' Degree Difference from Rest of Comic Pack

Dennis Miller Provides '180' Degree Difference from Rest of Comic Pack

Dennis Miller’s comic legacy was secure even if he never embarked on a radio career.

Miller’s time behind the “news” desk at Saturday Night Live remains a franchise high point, a dizzying display of wit delivered with impeccable timing.

He even rocked a mullet he can look back on without time-travel shame.

Miller didn’t rest on his comic laurels, turning his talents to feature films, a cable talk show and a stint on Monday Night Football. His brief foray into the late night wars was too smart for its own good.

Then someone wisely handed him a microphone and a national platform, and The Dennis Miller Show was born. The same ol’ Dennis began entertaining the nation five days a week, but radio showcased his political reawakening for the masses.

Now, he observes politics through a conservative lens, and that leaves him virtually alone on the comedy stage. He takes full advantage of that across the media, cracking wise on radio, Fox News and Facebook.

The years haven’t dulled his timing. Just today, as one scandal atop another piles on an overmatched Commander in Chief, Miller posted this Facebook update–“Don’t look at me. I didn’t vote for him.”

His new comedy special Dennis Miller: America 180, teeming with gags aimed at red state denizens, debuts at 8 p.m. EST tonight on EPIX.

Here’s a sample: “Everybody always asks what’s the Republican alternative to ObamaCare? At this point we could say, “leeching” and still be ahead of the game.”