Religion Under Attack Powers 'Persecuted'

Religion Under Attack Powers 'Persecuted'

James Remar plays an evangelist caught up in a government conspiracy in Persecuted, a new thriller hitting theaters this weekend.

The film may not be ripped from the headlines but the echos are there for all to see. The clash between religious freedom and government bureaucracy raged in recent weeks with the Supreme Court decision in favor of Hobby Lobby.

Now, audiences can see what happens when the government pushes too far against people of faith. It’s fiction, of course.

The film, which gives the talented Remar a leading role, also features former Sen. Fred Thompson as a priest trying to help our hero. Thompson is back taking acting parts again following his time inside the beltway. Persecuted also stars “God’s Comic” Brad Stine as a confidante torn between loyalties, Bruce Davison (the X-Men franchise) and Dean Stockwell.