Ice T of 'Cop Killer' Fame Supports Military Veterans

Ice T of 'Cop Killer' Fame Supports Military Veterans

Ice T is singing the praises of military veterans after once bemoaning police officers via his side project Body Count.

Has the rapper/actor changed his tune? Or is he drawing a hard line between the two groups?

Ice T told earlier today about a new Body Count song paying tribute to the men and women of the U.S. Military.

I always wanted to do a song about the military experience, and I wanted to do it with military jargon so the vets would feel it…So, when I’m talking about ‘A.I.T.’–that’s Advanced Individual Training–or ‘downrange’–that’s what they call it when you go to war–all the different terms that I use, it’s my way of saying, ‘I’m talking your language, guys.

He says that respect shouldn’t come with political strings attached. It reflects the valor of military members, period.

My thing is, whether we’re misdirected in our wars, or whether we’re fighting for the wrong thing, you’ve still got to respect the kids going over there, they believe they’re doing the right thing. They’re nineteen, they’re 20, they’re 25, they’re coming home with their legs blown off, now they can’t even find a place to live, they’re unemployed,” he said.

He sang a different tune back in 1992 with Cop Killer, a song blasted by President George H.W. Bush and many police organizations.

I got my twelve gauge sawed off.
I got my headlights turned off.
I’m ’bout to bust some shots off.
I’m ’bout to dust some cops off.
I’m a cop killer, better you than me.
Cop killer, fuck police brutality!
Cop killer, I know your family’s grieving,
(fuck ’em!)
Cop killer, but tonight we get even, ha ha.

Ice T recently dusted off the song during a live performance with the reunited Body Count band.