2 Chainz Gets Shoutout in Umpire's 'Strike 3' Call

2 Chainz Gets Shoutout in Umpire's 'Strike 3' Call

EERIE, Ind., July 22 (UPI) —
A YouTube user recorded an umpire going kind of nuts with his “Strike three” calls during a baseball game.

In the caption that accompanies the video, the poster wrote, “Best umpire since Leslie Nielsen! Best Strike 3 call ever! Funny as [expletive].”

(Nielsen is famous for an over-exaggerated third strike call in Naked Gun.)

There are three distinct strike calls in the video and although they are tough to decipher, these seem right:

Strikeout No. 1: “2 Chainz.”

Strikeout No. 2: “He got Gangham Style.”

Strikeout No. 3: “And he closes the show like the champ that he is.”

An umpire yelling, “2 Chainz”? My life has been made.â € ” Adam Bernstorf (@IDoNotGiveAdam) July 22, 2014

It’s unclear exactly when the video was shot or where it took place, perhaps somewhere in April of 2013?

My umpire today was rapping 2 chainz behind the plateâ € ” Preston Bowling (@THElegendbo22) April 29, 2013