Bill Murray Attends Ice Cream Social in His Honor

Bill Murray Attends Ice Cream Social in His Honor

LOS ANGELES, July 24 (UPI)–Bill Murray recently attended a Bill Murray Ice Cream Social.

The 63-year-old actor surprised the owner of CVT Soft Serve when he showed up at the event on Tuesday. Joe, the owner of the ice cream truck, heard “through the grapevine” Murray was in the area shooting a movie, and “invited the entire neighborhood and cast and crew of the film for free ice cream.”

“Long story short, the guest of honor made it to the party and the rest is history,” the business owner tells Gawker. “Like my dad always says, ‘You’ll never dance with the pretty girl unless you ask.'”

Murray has a way of unexpectedly showing up at events. The actor crashed a couple’s engagement photo session in April, and gave an impromptu speech at a bachelor party in May. It is unclear which film he was shooting this week, but he is scheduled to appear in St. Vincent and Rock the Kasbah later this year.