Box Office Predictions: 'Guardians' Faces 'TMNT,' Tepid 'Storm'

Box Office Predictions: 'Guardians' Faces 'TMNT,' Tepid 'Storm'

Don’t expect many box office fireworks this weekend.

Sensei’s weekend predictions and revenue results are as follows:

1. Guardians of the Galaxy ($45 Million)Sensei was right about this one becoming August’s biggest opener, and it currently has a stronger box office pace than Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Only time will tell if it can beat the Captain in total domestic numbers. For now, audience word of mouth remains strong.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ($38 Million)– Audience buzz stinks, and fans of the original series don’t seem very interested. That leaves this project competing for newer audiences, something Guardians of the Galaxy will also be invested in. Look for a disappointing opening here.

3. Into The Storm ($14 Million)No big names in this film, and marketing makes it look like another Twister wannabe. Will struggle to get action audiences with Guardians in the rotation. Expect another disappointing opening here.

4. Lucy ($9 Million) This will easily be director Luc Besson’s most successful feature ever domestically. Film will come within striking distance of the $100 million domestic mark this weekend..

5. Step Up: All In ($8.7 million) – The last franchise entry (Step Up: Revolution) lost considerable steam at the box office, earning far less than its predecessors domestically. Expect that trend to continue. Dance movies are a great addition to the box office frame, but franchise fatigue is very noticeable here. Again, this series will have to look to foreign grosses to recover costs.

In other calls:

Look for A Hundred Foot Journey to open around the $8 million mark.

That’s Sensei’s take. Have a great weekend.