Trailer Talk: 'Camp X-Ray' Feels like Bush-Bashing Flashback

Trailer Talk: 'Camp X-Ray' Feels like Bush-Bashing Flashback

The new trailer for Camp X-Ray may feel like a blast from Hollywood’s recent past.

The film industry cranked out a series of films critical of both President George W. Bush and his conduct of the War on Terror during his two terms in office. The bulk of said films flopped in spectacular fashion. Stop-Loss. In the Valley of Elah. Lions for Lambs. Redacted.

Our first full peek at Camp X-Ray, which screened at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, evokes that era.

The debate over the need and fairness of “Gitmo” hounded President Bush and, in theory, President Barack Obama given that the detainee camp created under his predecessor for terror suspects remains open for business. Yet Obama rarely gets critiqued in the pop culture space on the subject despite his pledge to bring hope and change to its detainees.

Will this film name drop the current Commander in Chief? Much of the action occurs in the early 2000s, according to, so the answer may be “no” from a chronological perspective.

The independent feature casts Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame as a Gitmo guard who bonds with a detainee despite the objections of her superiors. 

Camp X-Ray hits theaters and VOD services Oct. 28.