Watch PSA: Silent Celebrities Wait For Action Against Ebola

Watch PSA:  Silent Celebrities Wait For Action Against Ebola

U2 front man Bono, in collaboration with the One Campaign, has just released a new public service announcement about the international struggle to fight the Ebola epidemic, which also features Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. 

The PSA, which contains nearly two minutes of complete silence, minus background noise, montages through an assemblage of A-list celebrities, all of them staring directly into the camera. 

They dramatically and impatiently wait for something to change as messages are slowly displayed across the screen.

The purpose of the ad is to shed light on the inaction of government in dealing with the crisis, which has now taken more than 5,000 lives in West Africa. 

The One Campaign, co-founded by Bono, is hoping to draw enough attention to receive 250,000 signatures for a petition to, “Tell world leaders it’s time to stop the outbreak now AND build health systems that could stop crises like this from happening ever again.” 

The ad also features Will Ferrell, Connie Britton, Ellie Goulding, Akon, Thandie Newton and Danai Gurira, along with African musicians Fally Ipupa and Angelique Kidjo.

Morgan Freeman has a short cameo, along with two Liberian health care workers. 

Watch Ebola: Waiting