Opinion: Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad ‘I-Word’?

Opinion: Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad ‘I-Word’?

It seems to be “common knowledge” these days that, though the President has ignored the Constitution and feels free to break the laws repeatedly, the I-word is only mentioned through dark doorways in hushed tones. 

Holding people accountable for their actions seems out of vogue in Washington. To even bring up “impeachment” is considered out of the question. 

I ask myself, “Why?” When the President himself, on multiple occasions, said the actions he has taken today are illegal, and in violation of the Constitution. It’s now tantamount to a “guilty” plea.

So I ask you – What’s a guy got to do to get himself impeached around here?

This executive amnesty (which it really is) is just one of a long list of constitutional offenses. We’ve beheld six years of transgressions against our nation of laws. 

The lawless and illegal excecutive amnesty is the coup de gras to our concept of being a “nation of laws.” with pen poised, he will grant amnesty to millions of lawbreaking illegal aliens. And everyone says it would be “career suicide” for any Republican to stand up and propose an indictment?

Again, I ask, Why?  

If we accept the premise that no one is above the law (not even the President), who is Barack Obama to get a pass? After six years, even the Chris Mathews of the world are over the “tingle up their leg” for this guy; and with an ever-sinking dismal approval rating, and every Constitutional scholar and legal expert concurring that the president is clearly breaking the law, why is this man not to be impeached?

Some would say the President needs to be not only impeached, but convicted, relieved of duty, indicted and imprisoned for lawless treason to our country and Constitution. But others would say that, since our current leader is half-black, half white, to suggest such a thing would only make you half-racist.

I say FTS!! Barack “Barry Soetero” Hussein Obama is not above the law. For to allow that would tacitly declare him a dictator. Speaking as a free, independent American citizen (and I think I speak for the vast majority of hard-working American citizens) — Hey… not on my watch, buddy. 

Backed by the former and completely lawless Attorney General and acting like some 3rd-world despot, President Obama has crossed red lines of Constitutional indiscretion too numerous to count.  It’s time to cancel his run. 

“Oh, but he’s just trying to goad us into a fight!”

So what? If he wants a fight, then give it to him! That’s what you newly-elected Congressional members were voted in for. Take him down, fire his butt, and turn this place back into America.

You remember America, don’t you, the former bastion of liberty and nation of Laws?