9-Year-Old Supermodel Dubbed ‘World’s Most Beautiful Girl’

9-Year-Old Supermodel Dubbed ‘World’s Most Beautiful Girl’

Nine-year-old supermodel Kristina Pimenova has been called “the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Having begun modeling at age three, Pimenova has appeared in campaigns for Vogue, Armani, and Dolce and Gabbana, according to the Mirror. She also has a massive following on social media, including 2.1 million Facebook likes and 315,000 Instagram followers.

But some critics say Pimenova is too young to be modeling and contend that some of the girl’s modeling shots are attracting the wrong sorts of people to her pages.

“Beautiful girl,” wrote one Facebook commenter on a recent photo. “It’s a shame she’s attracting the wrong kind of attention #greedyparents.”

“Omg! She’s too young for such explicit sexual look,” wrote another. “Am I the only one who sees it that way?”

Others acknowledge that Pimenova is old enough to be modeling, but remind her not to “forget to be a kid.”

According to her Facebook page, Kristina does not post anything on the Internet herself. Instead, according to the Mirror, her mother curates the page, choosing photos and responding to fan requests on Kristina’s behalf. The young model’s Facebook bio says that she is the daughter of Russian soccer player Rusian Pimenov, who played for Russia in the 2002 World Cup, and Glikeriya Shirokova, also a model.

Also included in Pimenova’s Facebook bio is a list of seven rules, including a request that all content posted to the page be “kid friendly. Any video or pictures posted here that is not appropriate for Kristina’s age will be deleted and whoever posted it will be blocked.”

Despite the precautions, some people find the young model’s pictures inappropriate. One Instagram follower commented that “she’s bringing all the paedophiles” out to her pages, while 73 percent of respondents answered “Yes” to a Mirror poll that asked, “Is Kristina too young to be modeling?”