Scientist Stephen Hawking Thinks He Would Make a Perfect Bond Villain

Scientist Stephen Hawking Thinks He Would Make a Perfect Bond Villain

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking isn’t known for his appearances on the silver screen, but if he could star in a film, he believes his trademark automated voice would make him perfect for the role of a Bond villain. 

“My ideal role would be a baddie in a James Bond film,” Hawking told Wired Magazine. “I think the wheelchair and the computer voice would fit the part.”

Hawking lost his voice after battling pneumonia in 1985, but he is still able to communicate through the use of a specialized computer.

The scientist, who is the subject of the new biopic The Theory of Everything, spoke about his condition and how he ultimately became paralyzed and lost the ability to use his voice.

“I was able to speak with a speech synthesizer, though it gave me an American accent. I have kept that voice, because it’s now my trademark,” said Hawking. “Before I lost my voice, it was slurred, so only those close to me could understand, but with the computer voice, I found I could give popular lectures.

Hawking was diagnosed with ALS shortly after his 21st birthday and slowly lost his mobility before eventually succumbing to paralysis.

He hasn’t made many public appearances in recent years, but with his biopic being released and with all this Bond villain talk, maybe it wouldn’t be so far-fetched to see him alongside Daniel Craig in the near future.

A perfect role for Hawking in the franchise would likely feature brains over brawn, fitting for a world renowned scientist struggling with a debilitating disease.

He would join excellent company alongside memorable bond villains such as Jaws and Hugo Draxx.

Christoph Waltz is rumored to be featured as the nemesis in the coming Bond film, but Hawking might have just staked his claim for the next one.