Justin Bieber Gets a Private Jet for Christmas

Los Angeles, CA

Justin Bieber got quite the Christmas present this year: his very own private jet.

Bieber posted two pictures to his Instagram account on Thursday, showing off his new gift.

“New jet for Christmas, and she’s beautiful,” Bieber captioned one of the photos.

TMZ speculates that the plane is a G6, with a price tag of $60 million, “give or take a few million.” The plane appears to have at least eight white leather chairs, a large sofa, and a walnut-colored interior.

According to TMZ, it is not uncommon for celebrities to buy partial ownership of a jet, rather than the whole thing, so Bieber may not have full ownership over his new ride. However, if he wanted to, Bieber could probably afford the whole thing himself; the young musical superstar came in at number one on Forbes’ 2014 list of highest-earning celebrities under 30, with $80 million banked this year.