Screeched: Former ‘Saved by the Bell’ Actor Arrested for Wielding Knife

Port Washington, WI

Dustin Diamond, best known for his portrayal of Samuel “Screech” Powers on the hit show Saved by the Bell, was arrested in Wisconsin on Friday.

The actor was taken into custody for possession of a switchblade, carrying a concealed weapon, and first-degree reckless endangerment and is currently in the Ozaukee County Jail, where his bail has been set at $1,000.

The actor previously released a sex tape in 2006, titled Screeched: Save by the Smell.

In 2009, he authored a book about his time on Saved By The Bell in which he described the cast as a hard-partying sex-crazed bunch, reports Fox News.

Diamond is scheduled to appear in Ozaukee County Court on Dec. 26.