Comedian Louis C.K. Wears ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Shirt at NYC Performance

Louis C.K.
New York, NY

Stand up comic and FX star Louis C.K. wore his support for the victims of Wednesday’s tragedy at Paris-based satire paper Charlie Hebdo across his chest Wednesday evening, at a performance in New York City.

The comedian entered his set at Madison Square Garden wearing a pair of blue jeans and a red T-shirt that simply said, “Charlie Hebdo.” The hand-written words, seemingly a gesture of solidarity, were in support of the satirical French satire newspaper, whose 12 editorial staff members were murdered earlier in the day by extremists for printing cartoon images of the Prophet Mohammed

Louis made no mention of the message he wore, and instead opened his routine, as normal, saying, “Why do babies cry on planes?” before setting up a raucous crowd for the punch line, “It’s because they are upset gay people are getting married.”

The comedian wasn’t the only celebrity to show support for the victims of Wednesday’s massacre. Ricky Gervais, Elijah Wood, Julianne Moore, Donald Trump, Alyssa Milano and more all took to Twitter to unite for freedom of expression.