Cold Cuts: Jamie Lynn Spears Uses Knife to Break Up Fight at Sandwich Shop

AP Photo/Al Powers
AP Photo/Al Powers
Los Angeles, CA

Don’t bring a fist to a knife fight around Jamie Lynn Spears! TMZ broke a story last month involving the younger sister to Britney Spears, in which it was revealed that she pulled a knife out in order to break up a fight at a sandwich shop in Hammond, Louisiana.

Spears and a friend reportedly went out to get some cold cuts, but apparently got more than they bargained for when her friend was knocked over by a group of guys during a brawl.

Speaking of cold cuts, going into action mode, the younger Spears went for the closest weapon she could find, a 7-inch blade, and waved it around to stop the fight.

The cops were called, but Jaime Lynn’s girlfriend reportedly didn’t wish to press charges, so no one was taken into custody.

Now, the surveillance video has surfaced, which shows Spears, mother of a 6-year-old, playing peacemaker with a huge blade in her hand.

Watch: Jamie Lynn Spears Uses Knife to Break Up Fight