Rick Springfield’s Butt Cleared of Wrongdoing

AFP / Frederic J. BROWN
AFP / Frederic J. BROWN
Syracuse, NY

A New York jury has reached a verdict in the now infamous Rick Springfield buttocks injury case; the 1980s icon, and his posterior, have both been found not guilty of negligence.

Vicki Calcagno claimed to have been permanently disabled by Springfield, and was requesting damages for injuries she sustained at a 2004 concert. The woman was notably absent for the decision, as she was reportedly carried out of the courtroom on a stretcher before the jury had finished its deliberation.

Earlier in the week, testimony became heated after Kenneth Goldblatt, the plaintiff’s attorney, called Springfield to the witness stand. Springfield reportedly raised his voice at the counselor.

The singer later became emotional after his own attorney, John Pfeifer, questioned him about performing inside crowds at his shows, in order to be closer to fans. He was given a tissue and reportedly told the court, “I get emotional sometimes.”

After being shown a video of the concert Wednesday, Springfield quipped, “My butt’s never gotten so much attention.”

Calcagno testified Thursday about a letter she sent to the state fair, two days after the incident, where she made no mention of being knocked unconscious.

The case was a retrial, stemming from a decade-old incident, in which Calcagno, now 45, alleges the performer rendered her unconscious, and subsequently permanently disabled, after he fell and struck her head with his backside during a performance at the state fair.

A judge previously declared a mistrial after a new witness came forward during last year’s proceedings.