Oscar Voter: ‘Selma’ Wins My Vote Because a Woman Directed It

Director and executive producer Ava DuVernay poses at a screening of the film "Selma" during AFI Fest 2014 in Hollywood

The Daily Beast interviewed an unidentified female Oscar voter who hated Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” and believes producer Oprah Winfrey’s dishonest Civil Rights drama “Selma” was robbed It was nominated for only Best Song and Picture). This anonymous voter is “swayed” to vote for “Selma” for Best Picture, not because it is the Best Picture, but because it is directed by a woman.

And the Oscar for Most Deserving of Feminist Affirmative Action goes to…

Will you vote for Selma for Best Picture?

If I was really gonna be honest, I think in that field, yes. I think Birdman is a wonderful film. I think I’m slightly prejudiced because several people I know have had such a difficult time personally with [director/co-writer] Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu that when things are close, I’d err against him. He has a reputation for being terrible to work with. Directors have to be demanding and controlling and narcissistic—all the successful ones are—but there’s a degree! The real truth is I thought Selma is a wonderful movie and she did an extraordinary job. And as a woman, that sways me a little. …

Well, Clint Eastwood snuck in late with American Sniper and it’s gotten lots of Oscar love (if not a nomination for his directing).

I’ve got to revisit Sniper because I wasn’t getting through it. That was a head-scratcher for me. I was feeling like this stuff was formulaic. I was having a hard time caring about the history or the characters. It felt very conventional. I couldn’t even get past the flashback stuff!

Outside of “American Sniper,” the 7 other Best Picture nominee have so far averaged just $33 million at the box office. “America Sniper” has grossed $128 million in just 7 days of wide release and is expected to pick up another $50 million this weekend.

Eastwood’s masterpiece will undoubtedly out-gross all of its Best Picture competitors combined.

Practically no one has seen the other films.

Hell, practically no one has even heard of the other films.

As former-Governor  Sarah Palin said earlier this week,  “Hollywood Leftists … caress shiny plastic trophies you exchange among one another.”

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