Super Bowl 2015: Gamblers Wagering on Whether Katy Perry Will Show Cleavage During Halftime Show

Katy Perry Cleavage AP Grammys

If Katy Perry doesn’t reveal some cleavage during her halftime performance, a lot of betters will be even more disappointed.

An online gambling outfit called BetOnline is giving gamblers an opportunity to wager on whether Perry will show cleavage.

It opened the line at -500 in favor of Perry revealing some cleavage. But according to a BetOnline official, a “sharp” cleavage bettor (who knew such bettors existed?) took the bet at -500, which caused the organization to increase the moneyline. The line has since come down to -400 (perhaps other sharp bettors bet against her showing cleavage?), which means a bettor can win $100 by wagering $400.

If Perry covers herself up and doesn’t show cleavage (+300 moneyline), a gambler can win $300 by wagering $100, which could offset some of the disappointment.

Perry was well aware of the bet during her Super Bowl press conference.

“Nothing in my performance will be deflating,” she said. “I know there’s some bets going on out there so I won’t ruin the surprise.”

BetOnline also allowed degenerate gamblers to bet on what Perry’s wardrobe will be at halftime:

Pants (Below the knees) +400
Shorts (Above the knees) +225
Dress or skirt -225