Bruce Jenner Angers Transgender Community: It’s All about Money, He Could’ve Saved Lives

AP/Splash Photo
AP/Splash Photo
Los Angeles, CA

Bruce Jenner has gained a few critics who say he is setting a poor example for the transgender community, according to a story published by TMZ.

Some are reportedly livid at Jenner for packaging his announcement to transform into a woman on television, accusing him of being more interested in making money.

Zoey Tur, a leader in the Los Angeles transgender community, told TMZ Live there is a lot of pent up anger because they have no role models, and Jenner could have saved lives. Instead, he chose to exploit the announcement on reality television.

“This is a civil rights battle. This is not about selling TV shows,” said Tur, who was once a famed helicopter pilot with CBS.

Tur reported the suicide rate among transgendered is six times the national average, highlighting Bruce’s decision to document his transition through his own docuseries. “How much money do you need?” Zoey asked.

Jenner announced a week ago he would be documenting his transition into a woman on television sometime this year.